Surface Tension Supplement No. 1, edited by Ken Ehrlich & Brandon LaBelle

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Surface Tension Supplement No. 1, Edited By Ken Ehrlich & Brandon Labelle, Los Angeles, Copenhague, Errant Bodies Press, 2006.
Following the release Surface Tension: Problematics of Site in 2003, Errant Bodies Press inaugurates Surface Tension Supplements, a book series dedicated to site-based practices in art, architecture, and performance. The Supplements will investigate location-based- practice through critical and creative writing, documentation of site-based works, and projects designed specifically for each book. The series seeks to question what role location-based practice can play in defining contemporary culture.
Supplement No.1 explores issues of spatial practice in critical essays by Jennifer Gabrys on the geographic implications of trash dumps, by Scott Berzofsky, Nicholas Petr, and Nicholas Wisniewski on artistic interventions in Baltimore, and by Claudine Isé, on the aesthetics of urban non-spaces in recent photography and film. Additional contributions include writing by Robert Wilson on public art projects by Bristol-based Sophie Warren and Jonathan Mosely, Goto on the culture and legacy of interventionist practice in Brazil, and Ken Ehrlich on the infrastructure of signage in Los Angeles. Documentation of public projects by the artist groups Simparch and Xplo are also featured, along with Brandon LaBelle's textual-photographic meditation on experiments in architecture. Additionnal reviews by Kathy Battista and Aoife O'Brien provide perspectives on architecture, performance, and media.

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