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Selected Artist's Writings

Bill Viola: Statements by the Artistcat.). Introduction by Julia (exh. Brown. Angeles: Museum of Contemporary Art, 1985.
Reasons for Knocking at an Empty Writings 1973–1994. Edited by Robert Violette with Bill Viola. Cambridge, Bill Mass.: MIT Press; London: Thames and Hudson; Anthony d'Offay Gallery, 1995.
Selected Books and Catalogues

Bélisle, Josée, ed. Bill Viola (exh. sees in thecat.). Texts by Josée Bélisle and Bill Viola. Montreal: Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, 1993. In English and French.
Bill Viola (exh. cat.). Texts by Anne-Marie Duguet, John G. Hanhardt, Kathy Huffman, Suzanne Page, and Bill Viola; interview with the artist by Deirdre Boyle. Paris: Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 1983. In English and French.
Bill Viola: Going Forth By Day (exh. cat.). Interview with the artist by John G. Hanhardt. Berlin: Deutsche Bank; New York: Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, 2002. In English and German.
Bill Viola: Território do Invisível/Site of the Unseen (exh. cat.). Texts by Ivana Bentes, Marcello Dantas, and Kathy Huffman; interview with the artist by Jörg Zutter. Rio de Janeiro: Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, 1994. In English and Portuguese.
Bill Viola: A Twenty-Five-Year Survey (exh. cat.). Texts by Lewis Hyde, Kira Perov, David A. Ross, and Bill Viola. New York: Whitney Museum of American Art; Paris: Flammarion, 1997. German edition. Stuttgart: Cantz, 1999.
Feldman, Melissa and H. Ashley Kistler, eds. Bill Viola: Slowly Turning Narrative (exh. cat.). Philadelphia: Institute of Contemporary Art; Richmond: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 1992.

Hanhardt, John G. “Cartografando il visible: l'arte di Bill Viola.” In Valentina Valentini, ed., Ritratti: Greenaway, Martinis, Pirri, Viola. Taormina, Italy: De Luca, 1987. In Italian.
–––––. Bill Viola: Fire, Water, Breath (exh. brochure.). New York: Guggenheim Museum, 1997.
Heiferman, Marvin, and Lisa Phillips, with John Hanhardt. Image World: Art and Media Culture (exh. cat.). New York: Whitney Museum of American Art, 1989.
Livingstone, Marco. “Bill Viola.” In Richard Morphet, Encounters: New Art from Old (exh. cat.). London: National Gallery, 2000.
Loisy, Jean de, ed. Bill Viola: The Sleep of Reason (exh. cat.). Jouy-en-Josas, France: Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain, 1990. In French.
London, Barbara, ed. Bill Viola: Installations and Videotapes (exh. cat.). New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1987. Texts by J. Hoberman, Donald Kuspit, Barbara London, and Bill Viola.
Nusser, Uta, ed. Bill Viola: Stations (exh. cat.). Texts by Martin Hentschel, Hannelore Paflik-Huber, and Bill Viola. Stuttgart: Württembergischer Kunstverein; Los Angeles: Lannan Foundation, 1996. In English and German.
Pühringer, Alexander, ed. Bill Viola (exh. cat.). Texts by Freidemann Malsch, Celia Montolió, Otto Neumaier, and Bill Viola; interview with the artist by Otto Neumaier and Alexander Pühringer. Salzburg: Salzburger Kunstverein, 1994. In English and German.
Sparrow, Felicity, ed. Bill Viola: The Messenger (exh. cat.). Texts by David Jasper and Stuart Morgan. Durham: Chaplaincy to the Arts and Recreation in Northeast England, 1996.
Stations: Bill Viola (exh. cat.). Introduction by Götz Adriani; texts by Reto Krüger, Ralph Melcher, Bill Viola, and Dörte Zbikowski. Karlsruhe, Germany: Museum für Neue Kunst/ZKM, 2000. In German.
Syring, Marie Luise, ed. Bill Viola: Unseen Images/Nie gesehene Bilder/Images jamais vues (exh. cat.). Texts by Rolf Lauter and Marie Luise Syring; interview with the artist by Jörg Zutter.
Düsseldorf: Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, 1992. In English, French, and German. Reprinted and expanded for Spanish edition as Bill Viola: Más allá de la mirada (imágenes no vistas). Madrid: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, 1993.
Valentini, Valentina, ed. Taormina Arte 1993: Bill Viola: Vedere con la mente e con il cuore. Text by Valentina Valentini and Bill Viola; interviews with the artist by Jörg Zutter, and interview with David A. Ross by Gianfranco Mantegna. Rome: Gangemi Editore, 1993. In English and Italian.
Yapelli, Tina with Toby Kamps. Bill Viola: Images and Spaces (exh. cat.). Texts by Tina Yapelli and Bill Viola. Madison, Wisc.: Madison Art Center, 1994.
Zeitlin, Marilyn A., ed. Bill Viola: Survey of a Decade (exh. cat.). Texts by Deirdre Boyle, Kathy Rae Huffman, Christopher Knight, Michael Nash, Joan Seeman Robinson, Gene Youngblood, and Marilyn A. Zeitlin. Houston: Contemporary Arts Museum, 1988.
–––––. Bill Viola: Buried Secrets/Segreti sepolti (exh. cat.). Texts by Bill Viola and Marilyn Zeitlin. Tempe: Arizona State University Art Museum, 1995. In English and Italian. Reprinted and expanded as Bill Viola: Buried Secrets/Vergrabene Geheimnisse. Texts by Carl Haenlein, Susie Kalil, Bill Viola, and Marilyn Zeitlin. Hannover, Germany: Kestner-Gesellschaft, 1995. In German and English.
Selected Articles and Reviews
Albertini, Rosanna. “Bill Viola: l'oeil de la séparation (The Dividing Eye).” Art Press (Paris) no. 233 (Mar. 1998), pp. 20–25. In English and French.
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