Change. Mein Problem ist das Problem der Frau @ Ewa Partum. 1979

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Change. Mein Problem ist das Problem der Frau @ Ewa Partum. 1979

Partum Ewa 1979 Change. Mein problem is das problem der fra Partum Ewa 1979 Change. Mein problem ist das problem der fr

- PARTUM Ewa, Change. My Problem is a Problem of a Woman, 1979 (film).

Performance show presented at the Art Forum Gallery, depicts the aging process of half of the artist’s body that goes on simultaneously along with the work of the make-up artists which proceeds as the audience watches. It is accompanied with comments of Valie Export and Urlika Rosenbach, who tackle the issue of sex  in their work, as well as the artist herself. Another concurrent element is a caption ‘‘On the floor I have written: a male artist has no biography. However, a female artist has one. It is important if she is youg or old.’’ The work belongs to the collections of Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz and Frac-Lorrain in Metz, France.

References: Ewa Partum 1965-2001, exhibition catalogue, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe/National Museum, Warsaw 2001, L. Ronduda, Polish Art of the 70s, Warszawa, 2009.

— Due to her unique position in the Polish neo avant-garde dominated by men, Ewa Partum turned her attention to her female subjectivity in the 1970s and often appeared nude in front of her audience, taking a radical stance as a performer. In the performance Change, she lay naked on a pedestal. While one half of her body was ‘aged’ by make-up artists, she spoke about the reproduction of images of women in society. Text passages on feminism in art by VALIE EXPORT and Lucy Lippard could also be heard from an audio tape. After two hours, the make-up artists were finished and Partum declared herself an artwork. According to Angelika Stepken, this divided female body image represents the location of artificial self-identification questioning traditional beauty ideals while also touching on the taboo of the ageing female body.

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