Commercials for ''forming a Sculpture in Manhattan'' @ Lynn Hershman. 1974

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Hershman Commercials 1974

- HERSHMAN Lynn, Commercials for ‘‘Forming a Sculpture Drama in Manhattan’’, 1974.

In five TV commercials, men and women of different racial backgrounds explain that they are Lynn Hershman. The commercials were advertisements for Hershman’s site-specific work Forming a Sculpture Drama in Manhattan. For this piece, the identities of three fictional women were reconstructed through personal traces, objects, smells and sounds in three hotels rooms: one in the Chelsea Hotel, one in the Plaza et one in the Central YWCA in New York. During the installation (October-November 1974), these rooms were accessible to viewers 24 hours a day. This project was an extension of Hershman’s concept of living environments that goes back to her work Dante Hotel. The American television station ABC broadcast the commercials in New York in October 1974.

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