Invisible Suits @ Daniela Kosova. 2004-2005

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Kosova Daniela Invisible Suits 2004-05

- KOSOVA Daniela, Invisible Suits, 2004-2005.

Invisible Suits are interactive suits made from blue screen fabric (material used for work with video blue screen technique), where the blue color could be displaced by images or video footage. The intended effect – virtual ‘‘disappearance’’ of the people wearing the suits, is achieved by the use of two cameras: one mounted on the person wearing the blue suit, and another one shooting her from behind. Invisible Suits  explores issues of silence and absence, integration and estrangement in different political and cultural environments. It was shown as a part of the international compilation FemLink (2005), at Dokumenta, Austria (2004) and at the conference Wearable Futures, Hybrid Culture in the Design and Development of Soft Technology, Newport, UK, (2005).

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