Olimpia @ Katarzyna Kozira. 1996

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- KOZYRA Katarzyna, Olimpia, 1996.

After studying at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Katarzyna Kozyra (1963, Poland, Italy, Germany) decided she no longer wanted to make sculptures and began working with photography, video, performances and installations instead. In 1999, she was honored with a special award when she represented Poland at the 47th Venice Biennale. She received a grant from DAAD in 2003, which she used study to become a makeup artist and opera singer.

In Olimpia (Olympia), Katarzyna Kozyra, who was diagnosed with cancer in 1992, presents herself as a ‘chemotherapy Manet painting.’ After her work Piramida Zwierzat (Animal Pyramid) from 1993 caused a scandal, she started turning her private life into a public stage. The video is accompanied by a photo installation.

Kozyra Olimpia 1996

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