Milk @ Efrat Natan. 1974

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Natan Efrat Milk 1974

- NATAN Efrat, Milk (Performance for Staircases), 1974, b/w photo, 

from Musag, monthly magazine for Art and culture, vol. 3, June 1975, p. 81. In her work Milk  (1974), Efrat Natan performs a series of simple and precise actions, in the context of which the symbolic value of the material – milk – is examined in an everyday environment. Natan slowly pours a thin stream of milk down a set of stairs while the vocal piece Stimmung  (1968), by Stockhausen, plays in the background. natan’s choice of performance site alluded to a terrorist attack that had taken place a short time earlier in an apartment building in Kiryat Shemona. (Born in Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin, 1947, lives and works in Tel Aviv).

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