Place @ Micha Ullman. 1975

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Ullman Micha Place 1975

- ULLMAN Micha, Place 1975. vidéo. 20 minutes, sound, b/w.

Micha Ullman’s Place (1975) depicts a process of sculpting in sand – a material that symbolizes the local earth. Ullman transformed the pile of sand by forming it into various landscapes and textual expanses that express ephemerality and constant change. The volume of sand used for this work equaled the volume of Ullman’s body, which was precisely measured by calculating the number of buckets of water that had to be taken out of a full bathtub so that he could immerse himself in it. In this context, the sculptural process acquires a hidden morbid dimension, since the artist sweeping away the sand is also symbolically sweeping away his own body.

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