Response @ Bonnie Sherk. 1971

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Sherk Bonnie Response 1971

- SHERK Bonnie, Response, San Diego, 1971 (video)

— Alec Lambie, « Things Are Not As They Seem, » Artweek, v.3, March 25, 1972, p.3. An interview with Bonnie Sherk. Includes text and photos of her performances at U.C. San Diego, San Francisco Zoo, and Museum of Conceptual Art. Excerpt:

« ‘Include yourself,’ Bonnie Sherk, environmental artist, maintains. ‘Mix up media, deal with alternative events, environments, materials or anything else you may have in mind. As a matter of fact, ‘Bonnie Sherk said in her studio, ‘one has the choice to do anything and everything or nothing.’…

« Bonnie Sherk’s piece in San Diego, titled ‘Response’ described her own response to the space, the audience response to her actions in the space and the viewers response to themselves. Descriptively, her actions amounted to boiling an egg and planting a small pine tree within an enclosed area in one of the newly completed library buildings. At ground level, where she stood, her action was viewed by a video camera and then transferred to a monitor in a separately enclosed area. It was been described mathematically by David Baxter of the physics department. Simultaneously her action was observed from a promenade directly above Chuck Hankins of the biology department who related what was taking place to a group of viewers. Neither Hankins or Baxter was able to see the other. »

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