Simultaneity in Simultaneity @ Marta Minujin. 1966

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Minujin Marta, Simultaneidad en simultaneidad 1966

- MINUJIN Marta, Marta Minujin Art Works1966-69. Documentary Film by Maria Flores (1973).

Marta Minujin (1941, Argentina) played a key role in the avant-garde in Argentina in the 1960s and 70s. In 1963, she staged her first joint happening in Paris, La Destruccion, in which she and fellow artists burned the sculptures they had made during their stay in Paris in an impressive action. Since then, she has performed numerous, large-scale happenings and actions, sometimes spanning various continents and has broken new grounds working with new communication media. She uses soft, impermanent materials and focuses on the participation of the audience and the release of collective energy. ‘‘The work of art is the instant, in which the individual lives, not the thing. The advent of development, and not of forms, which end up relegated to the level of accessories. A society’s art in constant change cannot be by any means a static image.’’ (Marta Minujin)

- MINUJIN Marta, Simultaneity in Simultaneity, 1966.

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